North Pole Engineering is providing Structural Fabrication services at highly competitive prices. Structural Fabrication involves manufacturing steel metal structures ensuring protection against environmental hazards such abrasion, rust etc. Further, our structural fabrication services are industry compliant and we have successfully catered to wide range of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, commercial, etc.

We provide Structural Fabrication to both Industrial and also for Commercial and Residential purposes:


North Pole Engineering has successfully completed various industrial projects which includes Warehouses, building balconies, Spiral staircases, Godowns, mezzanines, work platforms etc. We always strictly adhere to Quality Assurance standards and our qualified team of Contractors, Engineers are equipped in providing excellent services which is economical and time-bound.


North Pole Engineering also provides Structural fabrications for commercial as well as residential buildings. Generally fabrication work is done in our work place and we install the same on premises. Our Structural Fabrication for Commercial and Residential buildings includes high rise columns and beams, structural steel with multiple angles,  wide flange columns and beams, channel shapes, girder beams etc.

Further, our structural fabrication is ideal for commercial buildings, residential homes, banks, restaurants, and hospitals and schools.

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